Yes, CIWEB’s Training is available in unique individualized delivery formats to suit your bank’s preferences and budget.  Our Regulatory Compliance Training team has been delivering individualized compliance units for bank Directors, senior management and compliance officers.   We are committed to earning your trust and confidence becoming your Bank’s most trusted resource for training.

Programs are delivered by a seasoned, reputable and trustworthy team of banking industry professionals.   Our Team Leader is Cindi Bubolo.  As a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) from the Institute of Certified Bankers, Cindi and her team train your people to navigate the maze of banking regulations. They are committed to providing you with exceptional, easy to understand, readily available, compliance solutions and education.

Our individualized training has versatile and comprehensive delivery systems designed to complement your schedule and budget.

  •      In-Bank Team Training
  •      Conference calls with Directors, Senior Management and Compliance Officers and staff
  •      Online Training/Webinars

The CIWEB Training team has 30 years of delivering individualized compliance units for bank Directors, senior management and compliance officers and staff.  CIWEB’s education and training team offers you a strategic approach to training people who can successfully execute your regulatory compliance program.  CIWEB is committed to helping you maintain and improve your objectives by providing user friendly, seamless, easy to understand and thorough training and education.  Here’s how we do it.  It begins during the initial interview, even before a contract is agreed upon and signed.  We listen to what you are saying and what you are not saying and we determine what’s missing in your compliance program and begin to form specific strategies to include what’s missing into our reviews and subsequent training sessions.  During the Review, our findings detail areas which need to be addressed in order for your Bank to maintain impeccable integrity around your regulatory compliance with the FDIC rules and regulations.  Once all this is compiled, that is what determines your customized education and training program.

The offerings below not only enhance executive management skills but also provide the rare opportunity to expertly examine evolving issues faced throughout the industry.

Executive Training — CIWEB provides bank leaders with relevant and actionable knowledge, along with easy access to vital information.  Your bank’s executive team needs to stay up-to-date with the changing industry.

Lending — CIWEB offers comprehensive training and development solutions in mortgage banking and commercial lending, helping to improve the performance of your business by improving the performance of your people. 

Retail & Business Banking — CIWEB offers a range of services and opportunities so your team can answer crucial questions when they occur.

Risk Management & Compliance — Risk in your organization comes in many shapes and sizes, and it is far more complex today. CIWEB experts are involved in every aspect of government and regulatory relations and communicate their insights through a broad range of programs, products and information.

CIWEB offers unmatched training and education for local and regional banks with a maximum of $1 billion in assets.