What Can You Expect from CIWEB?
What Can You Expect from CIWEB?
How Can We Help Your Bank? How Can We Help Your Bank?

Team leader and seasoned professional, Cindi (Dybdal) Bubolo,
is President of Compliance Individualized, LLC© 
(CIWEB.biz) and
has over 30 years of experience in banking and regulatory compliance.

Cindi is a graduate of the American Bankers Association Graduate School of Compliance Risk Management,
the American Bankers Association National Compliance School and
Florida State University, College of Business with a degree in Business Management.

Cindi is a  Certified  Regulatory  Compliance  Manager  (CRCM).

Cindi and the CIWEB.biz team know Banking from the perspective of your Bank and know compliance from
the regulators’ perspective. CIWEB.biz is able to identify issues and make recommendations that work.

Cindi and the CIWEB.biz team provide Bank Management and staff with expert Compliance Support Solutions,
Federal Regulatory Compliance Reviews and individualized Training and Educational Webinars.

Cindi and the CIWEB.biz team bring know-how and experience to Banks throughout the United States with effective
Compliance Support Solutions, Reviews and Educational Webinars. CIWEB.biz received many acknowledgements
from Bank Presidents to Compliance Officers and Managers for guiding them through
the muddle and potential confusion of the plethora of federal regulations.